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Our generation is exceptional. We are witnessing sweeping changes as geographic and cultural barriers dissolve. Technology has altered the way people live, learn, connect and work. They have made us interdependent and changing and growing are the only two constants today. No wonder the corporates are busy restructuring themselves as "Learning organisations". What happens to thousands of employees whose education did not prepare them for the skills that a workplace demands today? They need to reskill and transfer their learnings quickly to their workplace.

But while adults try to master in weekend sessions how to think creatively, solve problems or work in cohesive teams, many of our young learners in schools and colleges continue to be obsessed with how to pass a test. We can't blame them as traditional schooling has been all about achieving near perfect scores on exams that often test outdated skills. Besides the only measure of teacher performance in schools sadly continues to be 'how many first rankers did she produce?'

But this is gradually changing. When couple of years ago experts said that education would soon be a sunrise sector, there were more skeptics than believers at that time. But today an air of excitement is almost palpable when you walk across school corridors or listen in to conversations in staff rooms.

Preparing citizens for the future with the skills of the past has always been the bane of our public education.

Today it could be the tragedy of our times.

- Peter Senge

The face of education is rapidly changing across the world, and India is no exception. Boards of study are working overtime to update curriculum, teacher exchanges are encouraged and most importantly schools are investing in teacher education.

Srikriti addresses this felt need for teacher and trainer education at both institutional and workplace level.

We are four years old.

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