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The 66th batch at Chennai begins in June/July. Registration open for both centres   |   The second batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2018.

Every year Srikritians meet up for a panel discussion on an issue close to their heart.

It has become quite a draw with old and new learners, educators, faculty and a few invited public. It's a forum to debate issues, listen to experts, share learning stories and ofcourse celebrate success. It began modestly in 2004 and over the years has become an event we all look forward to.

Some snippets … some cherished moments….


7th July 2004

It was first time… we wondered if people would come… Would it be fun ? Would it be interesting? We need not have worried. The support was unbelievable. All who cared were there. Eunice Crook, Formerly Director (South India, British Council) started the discussion on Professional development of teachers - what is its relevance in a teach-to-test system?

Dr.Nandita Krishna, Director, C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation joined the debate while J.Uma Maheswari, Joint Director Directorate of Elementary Education highlighted the government perspective. It was an open forum with many Srikritians chipping in.

Srikriti was on its way…

2nd July 2005

Time again for another event… but bigger… better. There was palpable excitement in the air as our first batch of successful learners waited to receive their certification from Eunice Crook Director, British Council. She has become our godmother supporting us all the way. Thank you Eunice!

Dr. P.T. Manoharan, Professor Emeritus, IIT, Madras, and Garry Jacobs - Assistant Secretary, The Mother's Service Society - Pondicherry joined her to initiate a discussion on: Professional Development of Teachers and Trainers - How to make it Happen?
Vinayak Sudhakar, Regional manager, CIE read out a special message from Paul Beedle that made all Srikritians glow!

Yes, with 100% learners passing the diploma and 40% picking up distinctions, it was true sunshine time for all of us at Srikriti. Two of them were awarded distinctions in all the $ modules- a rare achievement indeed!

8th July 2006

By 2006, our list of learners had expanded to include many corporate trainers. Corporates sponsored employees to do courses at our centre and we were getting competent in leveraging the diversity in our classrooms. Yoga , Art, Stress, Soft skills trainers to those in BPOs, HR and Quality departments- the range was becoming awesome and gradually the panel discussion event too metamorphosed to cater to a diverse target audience.

This year, Pandia Rajan - MD, Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited highlighted the need for employability skills in youth, DR. L.S. Ganesh - Professor & Head Department of Management Studies, IIT, made a presentation on Changing Role of Teachers and trainers in the Knowledge Society

Aruna Rathnam - Project Officer - Education UNICEF focussed on education in non urban centres. Nirupa Fernandez, Head, Examinations Unit, British Council, presented Srikriti with TESOL Centre status from University of Cambridge , CIE. A great evening with thoughtful questions and inspiring learning stories from learners.

14th July 2007

The annual event in 2007 became a memorable one for many reasons. For one, William Bickerdike - Regional Manager, South Asia, Cambridge (CIE) flew down to be with Srikritians and share the UK story in teacher innovation. Another reason for our celebration was- three of our learners were awarded Outstanding Educator Award for achieving distinctions in all the 4 modules of CIDTT and continuing their innovative practices in their work place. William Bickerdike did the honours while priya, Geethanjali and Meenakshi beamed .

G. Viswanathan - Founder & Chancellor, VIT University helped us understand an emerging area for us- higher education. Pandia Rajan was a repeat guest by popular request. The sharing of learning stories has become a permanent feature and it almost sounded like an amazing reflective journal to all of us in the audience. Yes! We Srikritians are waiting for it to happen all over again in 2008!


We do many things together…

Doing group study, visiting each others' institutions, partying together, playing games, attending celebrations, conferences … we do it all and when our training at Srikriti wraps up, most of us start missing our sessions there.

But then we keep in touch and continue to drop in at Srikriti for borrowing a book, chatting over a cup of coffee, asking for a referral… a relationship that continues….

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