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The first batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2017.   |   The 61st batch at Chennai begins in July. Registration open for both centres.


In any form of learning, the mentor acts as a great resource person, role model and coach. Srikriti believes in learner support through mentoring. Our mentors play a very important role especially in Distance Learning. In the absence of face-to face-classes, learning can become a lonely journey but our mentors keep the communication network buzzing alive.

Srikriti cherishes its network of mentors contributing from across the world. They not only bring pedagogic expertise but also knowledge of local contexts and cultures. Every Tuesday, they log in to answer queries, discuss and debate.

Our experienced team from Ghana, Middle East, U.S.A., Canada, Sri Lanka, and Australia provides support to the local candidates. They act as liaison ensuring the candidates become a part of Srikriti family and get all the possible support in successfully completing their learning goals.

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