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The first batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2017.   |   The 61st batch at Chennai begins in July. Registration open for both centres.


Training the Trainers for University of Cambridge (CIE)

We are accredited Master Trainers for CIDTT and CICTT. Mallika Mani, our Director is a Master Trainer and has trained hundreds of school Heads across India to start their own diploma programmes.

Incase you are keen to probe the possibility of your institution or learning centre offering these Teacher Training programmes, please call us or mail mastertraining@srikriti.in


A press release from CIE

…University of Cambridge International Examinations is pleased to announce that Mr Bob Burkhill, the UK Chief Examiner, is flying out to join Ms Mallika Mani of SriKriti, in holding a master trainer's course for all those interested in expanding this Diploma across the country. Mr Burkhill has a long history in teacher education and Ms Mani has shown through her tireless efforts to promote teacher training in SriKriti that she is one of the foremost proponents of the diploma in the world.
… achieving some of the finest results in the world…

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