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Srikriti's supporting my learning journey was great. Every moment they were with me .

They just did not finish their job by posting required material, but they were with me in reminding me of dates for completion supporting in writing assignments and clearing even my small doubts. Srikriti was so prompt on the buddylist and I loved their pep mails especially when the motivation sagged! Without srikriti , I could never think of completing this diploma in time, thank You Srikriti for taking me on this beautiful learning journey.

- S. Anitha

I just wanted to tell you that I have been appointed as Manager Training at Mentor,
I want to thank you for everything both you and this course have done for me. I have a level of confidence now that I didn't have before . I keep referring to my notes and am constantly using my learning at work.

- Deepa Philip

The practice sessions were such an eyeopener. The feedback u gave seemed so positive even when u were pointing at some shortcomings and more importantly the debriefing and reflection after the session was something i was dreading but it turned out to be such a pleasant, useful discussion. I know u dont like caps but i have to do this … THANKS.

- Heena Dharmesh
  Teacher , Sishya

I just wanted to share with you that I have joined as a trainer at Ma Foi academy. What a long journey from the day I walked into register for the course at Srikriti. I want to thank you, who made it all possible.

- Anuradha Dutta
  Trainer, MA Foi Academy

A big thanks to you and Cambridge. There is a definite shift in my perception and way of training. I do not accept anything at face value and question everything that seems vague. I have learnt to ask questions like," How do you know?" and " Who told you?" "what is the evidence ?" with panache!

- Indra Madhavan

I was with CIBC - the bank for a couple of months, then moved to McKinsey, it was a dream come true. I am in Toronto and I do both IT recruiting and coaching for the IT team here… I am a much better trainer now and I feel I am adding so much value to both my learners as well as my other colleagues as their mentor. My organisation values me immensely. Thank you for your patience and sustained support… thanks to Cambridge for a fantastic program.

- Kiran Ramnani

There have been many defining moments in my life when i have experienced subtle paradigm shifts. One was when i gave birth to my first born; other was as Iwas reading 'The Power of Now'. Many more but just to give you a glimpse I quoted these two. Listening to you and doing this course is one such experience for me.

I am so exited and eager to walk on the new path. Don't know yet to what extent and I am going to use what I am learning, but i do know that I am changing ever so subtly.

- Nandini Santhanam

It was truly an interesting and educative process, going through the external audit for ISO certification for my school. And I felt so competent answering all their grilling questions- thanks to the CIDTT. When they asked about learning outcomes, criteria for marking schemes, how our vision has been translated into objectives etc.

here i was answering away without batting an eyelid like a true pro! Thanks Mallika for all the tutoring during the course!

- Priya J. Krishnan

I guess that THANKS is too small a word to say! The way you have analysed my assignment is great… it is qualitative feedback at its best! I realise how important it is for me to do the same with my learners.

- Savitha

You won't believe this, but when I woke up on Sunday morning, I saw this whole flowchart you drew for us, in my head, as if I were looking at the board! Amazing!

I think it is a brilliant idea to help us make connections. Thanks for constantly innovating teaching-learning strategies. You folks really practice what you preach.

- Uma Girish

Here is a snippet from one of our elist postings and discussion boards.

I am constantly trying to implement different aspects of what we learn in the diploma, in my classroom. Sometimes it goes well and other times I wonder whether it was a good idea to try it at all. Let me share an experience.

Priya mentioned in one of her classes that it would be a good idea to get learners to mark each other's, or their own work, and I was blown by this idea. I decided to use this in a session where my learners wrote emails. I gave them a clear marking scheme for grammar, spelling, level of formality, structure etc. This was a complete flop simply because they had so much trouble figuring out what was correct and incorrect grammar!! I had to individually correct each email (I was spinning like a top as everyone shouted "Ma'am, Ma'am ...) and ended up feeling like a complete fool at the end of the exercise -- but what a valuable learning experience it was for the trainer, ha ha!!
- Uma Girish, British Council Trainer

I am doing a web page project using html for a 9th standard class...I am designing the rubric and marking scheme for their project now and sharing it with them tomorrow so they are clear what is expected of them for their 3rd term project. Again the design we practiced with Priya provided a clear example of what I needed to do for this class.

It is really empowering to see that no matter what age or subject, what we have learned in this course provides the means to effectively design lessons and assessments. It's just good teaching practice period. A real "aha!" moment for me as I can see the universality of applying what we have learned from this course
- Leah Rich, Teacher, omega International School

Thanks for the great learning experience on the 23rd.
You embody the essence of the great teacher. Yr class was vibrant and full of gusto and succinctly captured the spirit of Socrates'enquiry.

I am reminded of a book I read sometime back about a great teacher called Benjamin Zander whose book 'Art of possibility', a wealth of ideas on how to see beyond the horizon. He talks abt shifting our sights from the world of measurement to the world of possibility and assigns an A to his the students. The students have to justify the A and also tell him how. Your class was one such … I would name it as 'leveraging diversity'

It will enable us to purge old scripts and write new ones.
Thanks once again
Lalitha Krishnan, Soft Skills Trainer

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