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Using ICT for Active Learning
Most schools in urban India today has a state of the art Computer lab. But how far do teachers use the resources available to make learning active?

What is Active Learning? Anything a learner does to learn other than sitting passively while the teacher talks! Cognitive research tells us that learning is an active process in which we construct knowledge. And how do we do that? By shaping and being shaped by experiences. And what are these experiences? Experiences that help us engage deeply with materials by discussing, debating, analysing, evaluating, problem solving.

These experiences can be inside or outside the classroom . If so, our task as teachers is to design contexts and materials that provide these experiences to our learners.

ICT, especially the internet works as an excellent catalyst for active learning. The workshops in this series will take you through different strategies to help you use the internet to facilitate active learning for your learners.

It will help you plan a detailed project or lesson integrating webquests for enquiry-based active learning.

If you think your teachers or colleagues will benefit from these workshops, call or mail us at enquirypdw@srikriti.in

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