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The 66th batch at Chennai begins in June/July. Registration open for both centres   |   The second batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2018.
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Counselling skills for teachers
After family, teacher is the biggest 'guru' in any person's life. Along with teaching, her language, mannerisms, attitudes, confidence, and ability to face situations - everything makes an impact on the learners.

Today's teachers play different roles. They are no more the experts . They are guides by the side. From emotional upheavals at home to growing up adolescent pains - everything impacts learning. And the teacher must be aware of what is happening, what can be done and when to seek additional professional help.

In a series of customised, interactive workshops, we will explore basic counselling skills for effective communication, class management, discipline issues and teacher's role as a mentor to identify and support learners with special needs. The workshop aims at developing positive teacher-student relationship.

Some of the Objectives

  • Learning to be fair and empathetic in dealing with students' social and emotional needs
  • Identifying at risk learners
  • Become familiar with different kinds of Learning disabilities
  • Discussing common issues like bullying, aggression in gangs
  • Resolving conflicts in win - win mode
  • Adopting Positive strategies to handle difficult behaviours in the classroom
  • Getting parents involved in critical issues - social/emotional/academic
  • Seeking professional help and sending referrals
  • Working as a team with parents and management
  • Building teacher self esteem and identity
  • Integrating counselling skills into daily teaching

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