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The 66th batch at Chennai begins in June/July. Registration open for both centres   |   The second batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2018.


Our school based consultancies are year long intense projects with built in need analysis, reviews and milestones. They are anchored in contemporary theories of facilitating change and focus on improving teaching practice.
  • Our team of researchers, trainers, and faculty work closely with the institutions, mentoring, coaching and putting customised systems and processes in place.
  • We work around the ethos and culture of the institutions sothat resistance to change is minimal.
  • We take great care to ensure that these are not top- down improvement plans. We work hard to make teachers own these projects and celebrate success along the way.
  • We involve all the stakeholders sothat there is a well orchestrated, smooth move towards excellence.
  • We take feedback seriously and do prompt course correction sothat the momentum of these projects is not derailed.
  • We take only a few institutions to work with so that our commitment is total.
  • Al these projects are modular- they can be customised for individual school needs.
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