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The 66th batch at Chennai begins in June/July. Registration open for both centres   |   The second batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2018.
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Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) - General

Besides our customised developmental programmes, we were on the look out for an internationally accredited programme :

  • anchored in benchmarked global practices
  • that is generic so that both teachers and corporate trainers would benefit from.
  • anchored in contemporary research with a seamless blend of theory and practice.
  • that would give upward career mobility to learners
  • that would open pathways to further learning by earning credits

The international qualifications for teachers and trainers from the University of Cambridge (CIE) fulfils all this and more.

We have been able to customise these qualifications to suit a wide range of teaching contexts from BPOs, Insurance, ITES, colleges, schools to special education. Today we have learners from Ghana to Canada, Bangalore to Hyderabad who write to tell us that this programme has not only opened up more career choices but also helped them in myriad intangible ways.

The Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) is specially designed for educators who are keen to move ahead in their careers in India and abroad. It brings professional recognition to teachers, trainers and their organisations too!

Many prestigious educational institutions nominate their teachers to take this diploma from our centre. Many employees from the corporate sector too have completed this diploma from our centre. It gives them the cutting edge required in highly competitive businesses. Most clients abroad insist on accredited trainers and it is not surprising that this Trainer diploma from the University of Cambridge is highly rated by the industry. We also customise and deliver this diploma in-house to corporate clients and institutions.

Why choose a Cambridge qualification?
Deciding the right professional development course is not an easy task. You need to know

  • It will help you move up in your career
  • the award is recognised internationally
  • it is from a reputed university
  • it is the right one for me

As part of The University of Cambridge Assessment Group, CIE has a history of offering quality assessments overseas for more than 150 years. CIE continuously works on a recognition programme to ensure its qualifications are globally accepted.

Who would benefit from this International Diploma?
The Cambridge Diploma is generic. It would benefit anyone in a teaching or training role. You could be teaching any subject (general, technical, vocational), at any phase (from primary to higher education, teacher educator, corporate trainer) to any level of learners (from children to adults)

Pre- school to senior secondary teachers, Principals, college professors, CEOs and Chairpersons of educational trusts, Teachers of art, music, computers and yoga, special educators, trainers from BPOs, HR departments, soft skills trainers and Language trainers- the spectrum is diverse and all of them seem to have benefited immensely.

What are the important features of this diploma?

  • An accredited, globally recognised, professional development programme. It will enhance your skills to teach or train - nationally and internationally
  • A generic course focussing on the teaching-learning process. It is meant for teachers and trainers across all disciplines and age groups.
  • It comprises 4 modules: Design, Practice, assessment and Evaluation.
  • Assignment based with an ideal blend of theory and practice. It is flexible. Participants have to practise in their workplace what they learn.

What are the course requirements?

  • Submit 4 assignments - one for each module
  • Successfully complete all the 4 modules to be eligible for

The Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers - at Professional Level
by the University of Cambridge (CIE) UK.

What do I gain by doing this diploma?

  • An international diploma globally recognised anchored in what is considered best practice around the world would add value to your professional qualifications.
  • Most International Schools and Training organisations worldwide recognise its worth
  • You learn to practice what you learn with continuous support and mentoring
  • You learn at your pace

Why Srikriti?

  • Srikriti is rated as one of the best centres in the world by CIE.
  • Our internationally trained faculty that includes certified Master Trainers from CIE
  • Our training is anchored in sound theories of teacher change
  • We provide additional online materials that are more in-depth and goes beyond diploma requirements
  • Value additions like moderated buddy lists make learning active
  • Continuous, caring learner support is our strength

Our alumni rate us very highly and refer their colleagues to us. This is what some of our past learners say about the diploma and their learning at Srikriti.

  • More than 200 candidates have already completed the course from our centre
  • With 100% pass and 30% picking up distinctions.
  • Three candidates have secured distinctions in all the four modules- a rare global achievement!

…Ms Mani has shown through her tireless efforts to promote teacher training in SriKriti that she is one of the foremost proponents of the diploma in the world.

… We congratulate Ms Mani and all those involved in the Diploma programme at SriKriti on achieving some of the finest results in the world……… congratulations to Ms Mani's students who have shown that India can lead the world in teacher training.

- A press release from CIE


How can I do the Diploma?
You can take the CIDTT in two ways:

1. Regular mode
If you opt for this, you will attend 80 hours of face- to face classes at our centre in Chennai. We have many candidates travelling from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Ooty etc twice a month to attend the classes at our Chennai centre.

2. Distance Mode
If you don't reside in Chennai or cannot travel to Chennai to attend these face-to face classes, you can opt for distance mode.

We have candidates from rest of India and abroad-as far as Canada- opting for the Distance Mode option.

If you would like to know more about CIDTT- Regular mode, please download flier.
Click here to know more about CIDTT- distance mode

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