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4 The Structure


Project - Curriculum Audit and Restructuring for Excellence (CARE)

To a casual visitor, schools would seem to be structured like a simple pyramid. They certainly aren't!

Schools are amazing ecosystems with complex, interdependent loops. Perhaps that's the reason why school improvement plans that address just one part of this system ignoring others, often fail to sustain. What we need is systemic thinking and planning. Most of our work with educational institutions is pegged to this wisdom.

Project - Curriculum Audit and Restructuring for Excellence (CARE) is one such project presently running in schools.

Project- CARE is a year long school based consultancy.
Its focus is on improving the main business of schools: curriculum, teaching and learning.

It is anchored to contemporary research by Cordell and Waters and Gene Hall's well known CBAM model to facilitate concerns- based approach to teacher change.

CARE is divided into 3 phases.

All the 3 phases dovetail into each other to make a meaningful learning loop. However, these phases are modular and can be used as standalones too.

To know more about CARE, click here.

"Alpha has truly been enriched by the Srikriti experience. The meticulous research, planning and implementation of the workshops and training done for our teachers has helped them to gain tremendous insight and expertise. Srikriti's team focused on providing improvement in key functional areas and trained our staff very effectively on best practices. I wish Mallika and her team all the best in their future endeavours."
- Suja George, CEO, Alpha group of Institutions
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