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The 66th batch at Chennai begins in June/July. Registration open for both centres   |   The second batch of CIDTL at Bengaluru centre nearing completion. New batch begins in June 2018.


What Cambridge Says…



As the person in charge of the Diploma, I would like to highlight the consistently high regard in which our examiners hold the work of the candidates from Srikriti.

We really look forward to receiving and examining Srikriti assignments.

  • The faculty at Srikriti have designed and managed an excellent professional development programme.
  • Moreover, the Srikriti programme encourages each individual to realise his or her full potential - there is such a strong sense of candidates moving forward in their thinking and practice.
  • I have been so impressed by this that I am arranging to visit Srikriti personally to meet and spend time with some of the candidates…
Paul Beedle
CIE Manager, Professional Development Certification

…University of Cambridge International Examinations is pleased to announce that Mr Bob Burkhill, the UK Chief Examiner, is flying out to join Ms Mallika Mani of Sri Kriti, in holding a master trainer's course for all those interested in expanding this Diploma across the country. Mr Burkhill has a long history in teacher education and Ms Mani has shown through her tireless efforts to promote teacher training in Srikriti that she is one of the foremost proponents of the Diploma in the world.

It is, therefore, with a great deal of pride that University of Cambridge International Examinations is present at British Council Chennai today to congratulate Ms Mani and all those involved in the Diploma programme at Srikriti on achieving some of the finest results in the world…

Congratulations to Ms Mani's students who have shown that India can lead the world in teacher training.

Mark Bartholomew
Formerly Regional Manager (ASIA), CIE

Snippets from examiners…

  • All candidates had clearly been supported by Srikriti to ensure that they understood the expectations and their work reached the required standard. Indeed much of the work was of a high standard and achieved a Distinction.
  • A most enthusiastic and well-written set of assignments which were a pleasure to read. All of the candidates based their writing directly on their own professional practice - which is exactly what is required by this professional-level qualification.
  • The Srikriti centre and centre faculty should be congratulated for this batch of excellent work.
  • The Centre has again provided a set of highly competent assignments covering a wide variety of teaching and learning contexts. It is clear that teachers at through this centre are using the Diploma to ensure that a number of improvements occur.
  • The Good work continues to happen at SRIKRITI. Many teachers are tackling this Diploma with enthusiasm and commitment
  • The work submitted covered a wide variety of teaching and learning contexts: from Kindergarten, through Primary schooling; some at Secondary level; and a small number from a training / employment background (training adults to work in call centres). Given this range, the Centre has done well to home in on the essential elements, overriding ethos and the practical requirements of the Diploma course. The sense of enthusiasm for trying new things and/or re-visiting established procedures in order to improve them comes through strongly in this batch of assignments. Indeed, there is much evidence of several useful preparation sessions provided by Srikriti for the Diploma candidates.
  • Many show a willingness to develop professional practice through personal journeys which have been frankly and, on occasions, vividly recorded. The best candidates show great awareness of learner needs.
  • The centre should be commended on the enthusiasm shown by all of its candidates, who appear to be thoroughly enjoying the course and gaining useful experience from completing each module.
  • All the assignments were of a very good standard; in deed. All administrative matters were dealt with competently. The reflective statements are thoughtful and show the personal and professional development of the candidates.
  • Many candidates are willing to try innovative approaches and were self critical in their reviews
  • Indeed, there is much evidence of several useful preparation sessions provided for the Diploma candidates. During these sessions educational theory has been promoted (eg. Multiple intelligence theory) and this is good to hear what seemed a particularly good idea was that the trainer purposely placed the trainees in the position of learners helping them perhaps to translate the experience to and understand better their own learners.
  • The work submitted by candidates at Srikriti continues to be a high standard. There is also evidence of individual teaching styles and creative thinking. This is very encouraging for the teachers, the centre, the schools involved and also for the ways in which Cambridge can see the value of the Diploma increase.
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